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For further information on Emtjets Global Aviation, please visit:Press & Partners or alternatively you can contact the Emtjets Team directly below, who would be happy to assist you with your request:
23 Berkeley Square,
London. W1J 6HE
United Kingdom
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As an Emtjets member you have exclusive access to our Team and systems, which hold over 4,000 Aircraft, from 1,600 Aircraft companies worldwide.

How we differ to other Fractional Share companies. We provide an alternative - not just one company, but over 1,000+ under the Emtjets' Global umbrella:

  • Emtjets offers more Superior Aircraft options than any other aircraft company or individual broker worldwide.

  • There are no block hours you have to purchase before we will look at you.
  • We do not believe in locking clients into long term contracts and offer our clients more freedom to utilize our services as they wish.

  • Importantly there are no set rates, unlike Netjets or other Fractional Share companies, Emtjets systems are constantly sourcing the cheapest quotes for your trip every time.

  • Emtjets clients include: Royalty, High Profile Families, Banks, Leading Company Executives, Sports Teams, Political Leaders and Stars of the Music and Film industry. They choose to stay with us because we provide a personal service second to none.

  • We pride ourselves on being: Exclusive, Competitive and Unprecedented.

Get an instant quote from one sales team. 4,000 Jets, Helicopters and Yachts Worldwide...
The safety of our Clients and their travelling companions is paramount and the foundation for everything we do.
Should you require any further information or advice on a suitable aircraft, one call is all it takes.

"Depending on volume processed by a client or corporate body, Emtjets always rewards its regular members, with a 'Regular Flyers Discount."

EmtJets created the concept of offering the first Online Private Jet Charter Marketplace for Operators to competitively out bid each other for the Customers Air Charter flights.

Escape into a World of Luxury

We fly thousands of flights annually to more than 140 countries worldwide. With more than 4000 aircraft under the Emtjets umbrella, there is no other provider in the world able to equal the same availability or aircraft options.

Most Customers

While few decisions would seem to demand buying a fractional share, the answer is quite simple. Year after year more people choose EmtJets, as our systems are constantly sourcing the most competitive options for your trip, thus allowing us to provide our clients with the cheapest quotes throughout the industry, every time.

World's Largest Aircraft Network

With a fleet of over 4000 private jets at your disposal, you can have a plane ready and waiting in as little as 4 to 10 hours to take you just about anywhere you wish to fly.

Superior Aircraft Options

EmtJets offers the broadest selection of jets of any Aircraft Operator with over 4000 different light, midsize, large cabin Jets types available from 4 to 18 passengers and with our larger aircraft types able to accommodate 130 to 250 passengers. You can request various jet types to meet your travel needs (all aircraft are subject to availability).

Highest Safety Standards

The safety of our Clients and their traveling companions is paramount and the foundation for everything we do. It's also the reason we have the most stringent operating procedures in the industry. It's the rationale behind the technology in our planes and our strict aircraft Operator policy to meet the requirements of the industry Operating standards. When it comes to safety we never compromise.

Executive Member Experience

As an Executive Member you will be given unlimited access to over 4000 aircraft worldwide, a telephone number that connects directly to the Emtjets Services Team assigned specifically to you. The Team knows you, your personal preferences, your usual destinations, and even the types of food you enjoy onboard. The team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You fly when and where you want, and it's as simple as picking up the phone.

Global Network

Because of our vast network of Aircraft in the U.S., Europe and the Middle East, our reach is truly global. Regardless of the jet type you require, the size of aircraft, you'll have exclusive access to a worldwide fleet. You can be confident that we hold ourselves to the highest standards of safety and service no matter where in the world you fly with us.

'Escape into a world of luxury with Emtjets'

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