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Emtjets founder and CEO, Adrian R Twibill, has been established within the UK aviation industry for many years. During his pilot training in the United States, he acquired a wealth of knowledge that enabled him to detect and harness a revolutionary concept, aimed at providing a Global Marketplace for private jet charter flights and Aircraft Sales. This innovative design of the advanced Emtjets Air Charter flight system is primarily focused on supporting both the Customers and the Aircraft Operators needs. This is achieved by offering the first Online Private Jet Charter Marketplace for Operators to competitively out bid each other for the Customers Air Charter flights. Emtjets provides you, the customer the most competitive Air Charter flight quotes for your journey every time. Emtjets system offers each Aircraft Operator the equal chance to provide each customer with their air charter flight services.

Emtjets specialises in providing Air Charter Flights and Empty Legs on an extensive range of Aircraft. From over 4,000 Private Jets to Corporate Airliners, making it possible for us to accommodate the larger organisations requests. Our customer base includes: High Networth Individuals, Royalty, Leading Company Executives, Political Leaders and Stars of the Music and Film industry.

"Emtjets' reputation is based on providing a high level of service and we pride ourselves on this. This gives the client peace of mind and freedom to travel according to their own schedule."

We like to keep up to date on all aspects of the Aviation industry, which ensures we are always one step ahead of the rest. The way in which we wish to portray ourselves is "Unprecedented, Competitive and Exclusive."


CHARTER X CharterX is a Worldwide renowned B2B platform for Brokers and Operators to buy and sell Charter flights.
CharterX (CX) President and CEO Jim Betlyon, partnered with Emtjets (EJ) Founder and CEO Adrian Twibill, to provide an ever expanding successful marketplace, for Operators to gain direct access to individuals Worldwide. Two of the Global Leaders in Jet Aviation, Emtjets and CharterX, have combined both experience and data to offer you the Customer, an unprecedented level of service and access to the most competitive prices throughout the industry.

TREEFLIGHTS - Emtjets believes in making a difference. Emtjets is a Sponsor of TreeFlights, a company looking to help preserve the environment by planting a tree for every flight taken. This helps offset against CO2 emissions expelled by aircraft each year. Due to the nature of the aviation business, Emtjets feels its our obligation to make a small but yet an effective difference against Global Warming.

For further information on Emtjets Global Aviation visit: Press & Partners or alternatively if you would prefer to contact Emtjets Global Headquarters, one of the Sales Team will be happy to assist you with your request:

Global Headquarters: + 44 (0) 8453 888 248

EmtJets created the concept of offering the first Online Private Jet Charter Marketplace for Operators to competitively out bid each other for the Customers Air Charter flights.

Escape into a World of Luxury

We fly thousands of flights annually to more than 140 countries worldwide. With more than 4000 aircraft under the Emtjets umbrella, there is no other provider in the world able to equal the same availability or aircraft options.

Most Customers

While few decisions would seem to demand buying a fractional share, the answer is quite simple. Year after year more people choose EmtJets, as our systems are constantly sourcing the most competitive options for your trip, thus allowing us to provide our clients with the cheapest quotes throughout the industry, every time.

World's Largest Aircraft Network

With a fleet of over 4000 private jets at your disposal, you can have a plane ready and waiting in as little as 4 to 10 hours to take you just about anywhere you wish to fly.

Superior Aircraft Options

EmtJets offers the broadest selection of jets of any Aircraft Operator with over 4000 different light, midsize, large cabin Jets types available from 4 to 18 passengers and with our larger aircraft types able to accommodate 130 to 250 passengers. You can request various jet types to meet your travel needs (all aircraft are subject to availability).

Highest Safety Standards

The safety of our Clients and their traveling companions is paramount and the foundation for everything we do. It's also the reason we have the most stringent operating procedures in the industry. It's the rationale behind the technology in our planes and our strict aircraft Operator policy to meet the requirements of the industry Operating standards. When it comes to safety we never compromise.

Executive Member Experience

As an Executive Member you will be given unlimited access to over 4000 aircraft worldwide, a telephone number that connects directly to the Emtjets Services Team assigned specifically to you. The Team knows you, your personal preferences, your usual destinations, and even the types of food you enjoy onboard. The team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You fly when and where you want, and it's as simple as picking up the phone.

Global Network

Because of our vast network of Aircraft in the U.S., Europe and the Middle East, our reach is truly global. Regardless of the jet type you require, the size of aircraft, you'll have exclusive access to a worldwide fleet. You can be confident that we hold ourselves to the highest standards of safety and service no matter where in the world you fly with us.

'Escape into a world of luxury with Emtjets'